Sitting in her favourite chair one day, 76-year old Mrs. Wool looked at her balls of wool and thought about how she loved to knit. But Mrs. Wool wanted to do more; to make a difference. She knew these balls of wool had the power to make people smile, to create connections and to bring warmth and happiness into people’s homes.

So Mrs. Wool got knitting and a family of Woolly Loo Friends were born. Friends and family were delighted to welcome these Woolly Friends into their bathrooms, so Mrs. Wool kept knitting.

After Mabel (see photo) mistook a loo friend for a hat, because she was so taken by the woolly dog and refused to take it off her head, the Woolly Baby Beanie was born.

Mrs. Wool kept knitting. At this point she was taking requests: an Irish Woolly Loo Friend for an Irish friend’s loo; a woolly puppy for a canine-loving mother-in-law…Mrs. Wool thought her Woolly Friends should not just be confined to people’s bathrooms or the tops of babies heads, so she started knitting Woolly Wine Friends to cover wine bottles.

Mrs. Wool is still knitting and keen to house more Woolly Friends. So if you’d you like a Woolly Friend of your own, just tell Mrs. Wool what type of friend you would like and she will knit and send you your friend within 7-10 days of your order payment.

All Woolly Friends cost just £5.99, including postage and packaging in the UK (+£2 outside the UK).

Mrs. Wool donates all profits from sales to autism charities in the UK, so as well as getting a lovely new friend you will also be contributing to improving the lives of some of society's most vulnerable children and adults.

Mrs. Wool is happy to consider requests for other types of Woolly Friends…

To place an order just complete the contact form of the page telling Mrs. Wool:

- What type of Woolly friend you would like (Mrs Wool will consider new requests)

- Any specific colours you would like

- Any other special request

Mrs. Wool will then get back to you to let you know if she can meet your request and will ask you to confirm your order by making payment through Paypal.

Thank you for visiting Mrs. Wool and her Woolly Friends and please tell your family and friends to visit. Come back soon!